for those in the know. ya know.


drm = suck.

some good points here.
the big drm mistake |

torrent talk.

interesting read.
a bit of bittorrent bother |

just do it.

you can’t succeed if you don’t try.
can you digg what is happening to journalism? |

knowledge for your ipod.

just might have to download this.
encyclopodia – the encyclopedia on your ipod |

how much can you fit?

on a cellphone?
news corporation to tap not just its film vaults, but art from the street |

ring a ding.

how can i help you?

pick up the phone, your search term is calling |

six degrees of separation.

was it will smith’s best movie?
six versions of windows vista | cnet

how long?

is too long?
copyright sings to a different tune |

pay to play.

i hope y’all got season 1 for free.
audible nabs popular podcast | cnet

bring your own.

i, cringely: don’t be surprised if apple saves the day for blockbuster video |

bad google.

how could you?
nude-photo site wins injunction against google | cnet

don’t blink.

you might miss google hiring someone.
timeline: employee headcounts for google, yahoo, and microsoft |

add it up.

fun with widgets.
personalize your google homepage |

who will get the last laugh?

f’n lawyers.

the problem with parody |

he shoots.

he scores.

blogs to riches – the haves and have-nots of the blogging boom |


matt always offers a unique take on media.

rambling about blogging and tv |



‘throttling’ angers netflix renters |

big brother.

oh google. how could you?
google copies your hard drive – gov’t smiles in anticipation |