for those in the know. ya know.


Acclaimed Apple critic made up the details

a big fat liar.

An acclaimed Apple critic made up the details | Marketplace from American Public Media

OnLive Desktop Plus Puts Windows 7 on the iPad in Blazing Speed

State of the Art |

The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings

there are a few gems here, in particular the “vibration patterns” feature.
The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings | Ted Landau’s User Friendly View | The Mac Observer

a verizon iphone in january? wait a minute…

please be true.
a verizon iphone in january? wait a minute… |

six hidden iphone shortcuts

i knew a couple of these.

six hidden iphone shortcuts |

ding dong.

you knew they were just hiding the video functionality. damn you apple!
apple approves video recording app for iphone 2G and 3G |

the worst phone in the world.

it's the iphone – of course. but the 'lil computer part is what keeps us hanging around.

the iphone is the worst phone in the world |


the new features in ichat and photo booth seem real cool.

mac os x leopard features |


trademark pending.

apple cuts iphone price and revamps ipods |

kiss cable goodbye?

i’m not convinced.

the comcast cancer: is web 2.0 the cure? |
is apple out to kill tivo? |

dvd jon strikes again.

norwegians do it better.
jon johansen hacks fairplay, the apple itunes closed system |


drm is an f’d issue. and it’s not getting any better anytime soon.

their crime: playing itunes on devices not named ipod |

got two ipods?

or if you live in a house with only one computer and lots of peeps, this might be of use.
multiple libraries in itunes 7 |

that’s totally (not) random.

i knew it!

how random is the ipod’s shuffle? |

it’s the interface stupid!

this guy’s review of ‘cover flow’ is spot on.

new ui showdown: apple vs. tivo |

refurb it up.

the apple store give the same warranty on refurbs as they do with new products. ding.
great prices on refurbished ipods |

killer ap.

very very cool way to take youtube videos and put them on your portable player.
tubeSock – internet utilities |

the amazing race.

can microsoft win?

apple and microsoft race to launch wireless ipod |

tivo killer?

why can’t apple just buy tivo?

apple’s next big thing: home entertainment |

bring back ellen feiss.

i somewhat agree with this.
<a title="Apple's mean-spirited ad campaign.
By Seth Stevenson” href=””>apple’s mean-spirited ad campaign |


i’m a believer. thanks, joe.

the truth about switching |


i bought a macbook pro and i’m loving it.
introducing macbook |

apple does windows.

very cool. then again, that’s apple.
boot camp |