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tweet tweet.

fun with twitter.
<a title="
All Twitter tools and mashups in one place ” href=””>all twitter tools and mashups in one place |

world premiere.

i love meg.
video: ‘icky thump’ by the white stripes |

download music.

you know you wanna.
google is better than limewire for downloading music |

no scratch.

america is one f’d up country.

lawmakers find $21 a week doesn’t buy a lot of groceries |


my new google search page.

shhhh! a secret google search url that removes adsense ads |


to rethink your position.
study finds no cancer-marijuana connection |



kosbees |

1tb tivo!

i must do this to my series3 asap!

how-to: use your tivo series3 esata port to add an external drive |

that’s hot.

wonder how she’ll work a reality show out of this.

hilton sentenced to 45 days in jail |


matt haughey’s new blog about doing business online, and advice for how you can do it to.

living online, with web apps |


only in spain.


nadal edges federer in mixed-surface battle |