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picture that. the boys at

picture that.
the boys at lancewaxer are excited to try this out. | adds photographs to directory

late development. the question is,

late development.
the question is, is it too late?
cnet | tivo seeks new ideas from developers

amen. so long johnny.

so long johnny. | the man in front of the curtain

message it up! friday fun.

message it up!
friday fun. thanks, ba. | error message generator

the horror. the horror.

the horror.
the horror. | kids still traumatized one year after seeing partially exposed breast on tv

worst question in the world.

worst question in the world.
what’s your social security number? | the secret list of id theft victims

dare to dream. peace in

dare to dream.
peace in the middle east. thanks, jason. | israeli sources: targeted killings to stop

the captain. should have the

the captain.
should have the opportunity to go out the right way. | mitch albom: yzerman deserves a chance to finish

411. pretty cool in theory.

pretty cool in theory. | google gears up for a free-phone challenge to bt

decrypt it up! now if

decrypt it up!
now if i could only get the damn software update. | tivo to go mpeg2 decrypting

gaydar. insanity! thanks, ba.

insanity! thanks, ba. | us military pondered love not war

ding. i’m pitching something.

i’m pitching something. | page 3: anna benson pitches her own series

got craigslist? all of us

got craigslist?
all of us at lancewaxer love the “best-of-craigslist.” | craigslist circles the globe with online classifieds, one city at a time

mommy. pretty amusing op-ed by

pretty amusing op-ed by maureen dowd. | men just want mommy

fatal decision? we’ll find out

fatal decision?
we’ll find out soon enough. | tivo struggles to find its niche after quitting a deal with cable
und | tivo faces threat as options multiply

coming soon. in more ways

coming soon.
in more ways than one. | the business of television

go fish. nice marmot. this

go fish.
nice marmot. this link requires a subscription, so if you aren’t a salon subscriber, all ya gotta do is watch a brief ad and get a free day pass. | surprise, surprise, there were no wmd

get firefox. seriously. |

get firefox.
seriously. | mozilla is gaining on godzilla

hallelujah. this is huge. thanks,

this is huge. thanks, niffy. | the supreme court rules judges are not bound by sentencing rules

impulse buy(s). it’s taking all

impulse buy(s).
it’s taking all my willpower not to buy one/both of these. | mac mini
et | ipod shuffle

got eight minutes? then watch

got eight minutes?
then watch this. | museum of media history: epic 2014

magic 8 ball. those were

magic 8 ball.
those were cool. | i, cringely: betting a billion–bob’s predictions for 2005

radio on the go. blogstyle.

radio on the go.
blogstyle. | tivo for your ipod

tivo talk. matt haughey breaks

tivo talk.
matt haughey breaks it down from vegas. | reporting from ces: going deeper into tivo’s announcements