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q & a. w/ j

q & a.
w/ j stew. | ‘daily show’ star stewart can write, too

dmca. the worst idea. ever.

the worst idea. ever. | i, cringely: the s-word

top 10. are you watching

top 10.
are you watching the first debate? | 10 secrets they don’t want you to know about the debates

the numbers don’t lie. how

the numbers don’t lie.
how are we gonna turn this around? | iraq: 30 days, 2,368 attacks

fetch tivo. good boy, tivo.

fetch tivo.
good boy, tivo. good boy. thanks, niffy. | how to take control of your tivo

and justice for all. this

and justice for all.
this old episode of frontline blows that theory out of the water. on a side note, the new season of frontline premieres oct. 12. | frontline: the plea: introduction
y | frontline: the plea: watch online

$29 and change. more than

$29 and change.
more than the circuit city offer (which is pretty much done), but hey, you get a new design. and, let’s not forget, you drop $29 bucks in like 90 minutes at a bar. seriously. | tivo tcd540040 series2 40-Hour digital video recorder

dr. feelgood. he’s the one

dr. feelgood.
he’s the one to call. check out this bushie classic. thanks, scott. | video: bush loves docs

teets. we can’t get enough.

we can’t get enough.
cnet | janet jackson still holds tivo title

crap crap crap. what a

crap crap crap.
what a bunch of. thanks, scott. | hotmail fees for outlook access

o’really wrong. what a surprise.

o’really wrong.
what a surprise. | so who are the “stoned slackers” watching jon stewart?

2009. can’t come quick enough.

can’t come quick enough. | jay passes “tonight” torch to conan

who votes it? letterman, leno,

who votes it?
letterman, leno, or stewart viewers? how bout all of the above. | daily show viewers knowledgeable about presidential campaign

deja vu. no, not the

deja vu.
no, not the strip club. | carter fears florida vote trouble

wahlberg and co. kinda sorta.

wahlberg and co.
kinda sorta. thanks, kevin. | page 2: gathering up the entourage

omfg. kick ass tags. thanks,

kick ass tags. thanks, le niff. | evergreen state’s amusing plates

reparations. ding. | give

ding. | give thanks: “seinfeld” returns

hd tivo. only a matter

hd tivo.
only a matter of time before i get one of these. | recordings match the show, with a key drawback

oh the irony. seriously.

oh the irony.
seriously. | the story that didn’t run

c.r.e.a.m. dolla dolla bill y’all.

dolla dolla bill y’all. | daley backs plan for pot tickets

i pledge allegiance. to the

i pledge allegiance.
to the blog. | a blogger’s creed

poll it up. interesting.

poll it up.
interesting. | race for president falls back into dead heat

new media. maybe it’s just

new media.
maybe it’s just me but i think the old fashioned media would have caught on to this soon enough. | blogging the story alive

the x factor. generation x,

the x factor.
generation x, that is. | the jon stewart and undecided voter connection
et | jon stewart’s ‘daily’ genius