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q & a. w/ j

q & a.
w/ j stew. | ‘daily show’ star stewart can write, too

dmca. the worst idea. ever.

the worst idea. ever. | i, cringely: the s-word

top 10. are you watching

top 10.
are you watching the first debate? | 10 secrets they don’t want you to know about the debates

the numbers don’t lie. how

the numbers don’t lie.
how are we gonna turn this around? | iraq: 30 days, 2,368 attacks

fetch tivo. good boy, tivo.

fetch tivo.
good boy, tivo. good boy. thanks, niffy. | how to take control of your tivo

and justice for all. this

and justice for all.
this old episode of frontline blows that theory out of the water. on a side note, the new season of frontline premieres oct. 12. | frontline: the plea: introduction
y | frontline: the plea: watch online

$29 and change. more than

$29 and change.
more than the circuit city offer (which is pretty much done), but hey, you get a new design. and, let’s not forget, you drop $29 bucks in like 90 minutes at a bar. seriously. | tivo tcd540040 series2 40-Hour digital video recorder