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q & a. with jon

q & a.
with jon stewart.
reinventing television |

:-(. this is looking worse

this is looking worse by the minute.
mayor: katrina may have killed thousands |

bet you didn’t know. you

bet you didn’t know.
you could do that.
20 great google secrets |

in stores today. buy it.

in stores today.
buy it. i did. thanks, tpepp.

kanye west: late registration |


the buccaneer. that should be

the buccaneer.
that should be the name of redmond’s next os.
hollywood, microsoft align on new windows | cnet

iphone. ya knew it had

ya knew it had to happen.
an ipod cellphone said to be imminent |

outsource it up. funny article

outsource it up.
funny article in esquire (movie rights already optioned) by a.j. jacobs. thanks, ken.
my outsourced life |

sing along. oldie cartoon themes.

sing along.
oldie cartoon themes.
index of cartoon themes |

where’s 7.2? cool ideas like

where’s 7.2?
cool ideas like this only work when you are lucky enough to get the 7.2 upgrade for your tivo. i’ve been forcing phone calls for a week, and no dice. argh. the 2nd link might help.
tivo, internet archive, and glitch tv |
tivo software priority request |

over the hill? good article,

over the hill?
good article, but i’m not sure if i buy all of it.
i, cringely: has google peaked? |

on demand. bbcstyle. bbc will

on demand.
bbc will let programs be downloaded |

that’s a cosby sweater. friday

that’s a cosby sweater.
friday fun.
house of cosbys, you see |

begoogled. i haven’t even tried

i haven’t even tried ‘talk’ yet. trillian is just too good.
google gets better. what’s up with that? |

ummmm. ok. cumming the fragrance

cumming the fragrance by alan cumming |

pat robertson is a jacka**.

pat robertson is a jacka**.
here’s more proof.
vid: daily show’s take on p robbie |

remix it up. ding. beastie

remix it up.
beastie boys – a cappella download page |

good question. oh the fun

good question.
oh the fun to be had.
should i move to amsterdam? |

now playing. just got a

now playing.
just got a whole lot better.
tivo desktop 2.2 |
transferring personal video from pc to tivo dvr |

talk it up. not sure

talk it up.
not sure if this will replace my trillian.
google talk |

moss adu about nothing. real

moss adu about nothing.
real sports is a great hbo show.
there’s worse than marijuana |

amanda gets her freak on.

amanda gets her freak on.
all of us at lancewaxer love ms. congdon.
friday, august 19, 2005 |

hype? the freakonomic boys weigh

the freakonomic boys weigh in on “peak oil.”
“peak oil:” welcome to the media’s new version of shark attacks |

do it yourself. if you

do it yourself.
if you are creative and have a flickr account, this is for you.
magazine cover |

education frist. harvard medical school

education frist.
harvard medical school must be proud.
frist voices support for intelligent design |