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q & a. with jon

q & a.
with jon stewart.
reinventing television |

:-(. this is looking worse

this is looking worse by the minute.
mayor: katrina may have killed thousands |

bet you didn’t know. you

bet you didn’t know.
you could do that.
20 great google secrets |

in stores today. buy it.

in stores today.
buy it. i did. thanks, tpepp.

kanye west: late registration |

the buccaneer. that should be

the buccaneer.
that should be the name of redmond’s next os.
hollywood, microsoft align on new windows | cnet

iphone. ya knew it had

ya knew it had to happen.
an ipod cellphone said to be imminent |

outsource it up. funny article

outsource it up.
funny article in esquire (movie rights already optioned) by a.j. jacobs. thanks, ken.
my outsourced life |