for those in the know. ya know.


50 greatest hip-hop samples.

a really great read/listen.
kon + amir present: the 50 greatest hip-hop samples of all time |

oh, canada?

it’s feeling more and more like 1984.

copyright deal could toughen rules governing info on ipods, computers |


pretty interesting read.

fair use vs. free speech in the internet age: the lane hartwell problem |

no drm.


like amazon’s drm-free music downloads? thank apple


viacom comes to an understanding with youtube. let’s see how long it lasts.

youtube’s comedy compromise |

dvd jon strikes again.

norwegians do it better.
jon johansen hacks fairplay, the apple itunes closed system |

pirate’s booty.

you have to love the swedes.

the pirate bay response to electronic arts |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet


not that this suprises anyone.

quickest patch ever |


professor, what’s another name for pirate treasure?

the pornographers vs. the pirates |

betamax it up.

this lil xm radio looks pretty sweet. figures the riaa would try to bury it.

the riaa extends its battle against xm satellite radio |

xm + riaa = shiate.

stupid. stupid. stupid.

record labels sue xm satellite over device |

just say no.

to bootlegging.

hauling in the hollywood hackers |