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crib notes. woo hoo, i

crib notes.
woo hoo, i just learnt something! | google cheat sheet

protect ya neck. or else.

protect ya neck.
or else. | paris’ privates exposed

d.a.r.e. to think outside the

to think outside the box. | marijuana may block alzheimer’s

mini-amazon it up. pretty cool

mini-amazon it up.
pretty cool article. | amazon: giving away the store

save paris. or was that

save paris.
or was that ferris? | world wild web of paris hacker
y | how paris got hacked?

you wore blue. and had

you wore blue.
and had a nice rack. | romance beckons (in case you missed it)

tonight. on frontline. is anyone

on frontline. is anyone gonna put the smack down on the fcc? | frontline: company of soldiers
und | edited documentary: should pbs stations censor?

netflix it up. i think

netflix it up.
i think i’m the only person in my circle of friends who doesn’t use netflix. | does the kid stay in the picture?

so long, farewell. blah blah

so long, farewell.
blah blah blah blah blah blah. | time to get a life — pioneer blogger justin hall bows out at 31

sad. what a crappy ending.

what a crappy ending. | author hunter s. thompson kills himself

right, koko. that chimp’s alright.

right, koko.
that chimp’s alright. high five. | every frickin’ seinfeld episode

for the kidz. gizoogle it

for the kidz.
gizoogle it up! | fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit

tonight. bill maher is back

bill maher is back on hbo tonight for another season of ‘real time.’ | kids say the darndest, most stalinist things

right on. drudge needs to

right on.
drudge needs to take a chill pill sometime. at least there weren’t any ‘sirens’ attached to his posts. | drudge takes the oscar for ‘clueless’

going, going. almost gone.

going, going.
almost gone. | apple 1gb ipod shuffle

this week’s installment of t.w.i.g.

this week’s installment of t.w.i.g.
h i larious. | video: the daily show with jon stewart

master beta. come on, that’s

master beta.
come on, that’s funny. | google toolbar 3 beta

p(ure)bs. i hate people. we

i hate people. we at lancewaxer love to make blanket statements because they save us so much time. | conservatives and rivals press a struggling pbs

attention chicago shutterbugs. you may

attention chicago shutterbugs.
you may now resume your normal activities. | millennium park photography: the official scoop

good question. this whole topic

good question.
this whole topic interests me. | what about bob? – judith miller and matt cooper seem to be headed for jail. why isn’t robert novak?

there’s a new sheriff in

there’s a new sheriff in town.
and his name isn’t reggie hammond. | you go, gary! ‘numa’ takes web by storm

quite the duo. yet another

quite the duo.
yet another reason i should have played in the nba. | page 3: top 10 hottest nba relationships

debunk it up! 9/11 conspiracy

debunk it up!
9/11 conspiracy peeps, this is for you. | debunking the 9/11 myths

if you got the money.

if you got the money.
and you like taking video, this may be for you. | home video made to watch on hdtv