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new idiot box.

my computer is just another vehicle for my tv obsession.

watching shows on computers supplements your tv viewing |

who’da thought?

i’m going to check out the chocolate bar one.

genius junk food |

killer ap.

very very cool way to take youtube videos and put them on your portable player.
tubeSock – internet utilities |

taste it!

series 3 can’t come soon enough.

tivo tastes some sweet revenge |

google is god.

pretty scary how important google is for businesses.

get right with google |

grape ouch.

people hurting themselves can be funny.

grape stomp |

morning after pill

about time.

fda eases limits on plan b sales |

it could mother f’n happen.

believe that.

the daily show investigates snakes on a plane |

we’re all sheep.

with our online security.

look at all of these passwords! |

i could gopher.

now listing chicago shizz.
late night food and more |

damn you dark chocolate.

friday fun. thanks, amber.
man survives chocolate ordeal |

when the levitt breaks.

two univ. of chicago professors go at it.

the shootout |

new media.

some good points here.
oldthink vs. newthink: spelling out the media shift |


scary stuff.

analysis: plot may have been 9/11 sequel |

save yourself.

actually, google will do it for you.

google to keep storing search requests |

aol sucks.

say goodbye to anonymity.

a face is exposed for aol searcher no. 4417749 |
aol’s disturbing glimpse into users’ lives | cnet


is youtube the next napster?

i, cringely: what goes on the net stays on the net |


anil breaks it down.

antipedia |

what if?

our intelligence community is a botch.

9/11: missed opportunities |

t-minus 24 hours.

who to see? such tough choices.

lollapalooza: band vs. band |

the 411.

we at lancewaxer love our tmz.

the scoop on the scoop |