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amen. happy new year.

happy new year. | people of the year: bloggers

building a mystery. damn cable

building a mystery.
damn cable companies. | state of the art: streamlined cable tv in a card

makes ya think. that may

makes ya think.

that may be the only positive of all this. | noaa and the indian ocean tsunami

mixmaster hank. might be worth

mixmaster hank.
might be worth a listen. thanks, jake. | incredible beatles mashup mixes 40+ different tracks

crystal ball. i’m in agreement

crystal ball.
i’m in agreement with quite a few of these predictions. | a look ahead for 2005

stocking stuffer. ok, it’s too

stocking stuffer.
ok, it’s too late to get this for this xmas but there is always next year. | podwave – portable ipod stereo speakers

back from the dead. recover

back from the dead.
recover lost images from corrupted or accidentally formatted memory cards. | digital photo recovery