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the golden boy. everything this

the golden boy.
everything this dude touches turns to $$$.
esquire wikis article on wikipedia | cnet

pure. gold. 7 habits of

7 habits of highly successful people |

too hot or not for

too hot or not for hdtv.
i don’t think dave looks as bad as described. and jessica simpson is rated too low.
swanni’s annual ‘best & worse’ hdtv list |

radio, your way. not sure

radio, your way.
not sure i need this with all the podcasts out there.
recording web radio, tivo style |

ponch and jon. oh, not

ponch and jon.
oh, not those chips.
chip helps electric outlet go broadband |

jailhouse mock. hehe. wrongly imprisoned

jailhouse mock.
wrongly imprisoned man won’t shut up about it |

progress? maybe. aids virus ‘could

aids virus ‘could be weakening’ |