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urban myth. remember back a

urban myth.
remember back a few months?
they shoot helicopters, don’t they?: how journalists spread rumors during katrina |

more chronic. if you know

more chronic.
if you know what i’m saying.
the chronicles of narnia rap – it won’t save saturday night Live, but it could save hip hop |

do you yahoo? if so,

do you yahoo?
if so, you’ll be interested in this.
yahoo! 2005 top searches |

you get what you pay

you get what you pay for.
example #423.
recordable dvd quality |

im wars ending? we can

im wars ending?
we can dare to dream.
google plans to standardize multimedia instant messaging |

behind the green door. ya

behind the green door.
ya feel me? thanks, jake.
the chappelle theory |
the chappelle theory exposed |

hot. hot. hot. 2005 year-end

hot. hot.
2005 year-end google zeitgeist |

cuckoo. cuckoo. letterman restrained by

letterman restrained by tormented fan |

to install. or not install.

to install.
or not install.
firefox 1.5 stability problems? readers and mozilla respond |

the chronic. of narnia. thanks,

the chronic.
of narnia. thanks, ray.
vid: snl – lazy sunday – narnia rap |

so long. farewell. judge rules

so long.
judge rules against ‘intelligent design’ |

patriot botch. and you thought

patriot botch.
and you thought the patriot act was bad.
bush secretly lifted some limits on spying in u.s. after 9/11, officials say |

who are you? who who

who are you?
who who who who.
let’s see some id, please |

resuscitate it up. please. abc

resuscitate it up.
abc and showtime pursuing arrested development? |

rocket bombs. oh how i

rocket bombs.
oh how i love amanda.
tv stardom on $20 a day |
subscribe to rocketboom on tivo! |

you’re not recording this are

you’re not recording this are you?
is the pentagon spying on americans? |

fun with junk. this is

fun with junk.
this is one aspect i hate about chicago. thanks, tom.
with judge dibs, justice is snow-blind |

apocalypse now. the horror. weather-weary

apocalypse now.
the horror.

weather-weary nation not surprised by forecast of blood storms |


bond. james bond. thanks, niffy.

james bond. thanks, niffy.
self-destruct sms proves popular |

nonrefundable up-front payment. $4.5 million!

nonrefundable up-front payment.
$4.5 million! thanks, niffy.
ex-manager to chappelle: pay up, bitch! |

ho. ho. ho. kick that

ho. ho. ho.
kick that old system to the curb, and get a new one (with decent specs)!
dell dimension 1100 desktop w/17″ crt for $299 |

web 2.0. just got a

web 2.0.
just got a lil more yummy.
yahoo gobbles up | cnet

morbid. people. they’re the worst.

people. they’re the worst.
when murder hits the blogosphere |

don’t forget. the (ten) golden

don’t forget.
the (ten) golden rule(s).
google: ten golden rules |