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urban myth. remember back a

urban myth.
remember back a few months?
they shoot helicopters, don’t they?: how journalists spread rumors during katrina |

more chronic. if you know

more chronic.
if you know what i’m saying.
the chronicles of narnia rap – it won’t save saturday night Live, but it could save hip hop |

do you yahoo? if so,

do you yahoo?
if so, you’ll be interested in this.
yahoo! 2005 top searches |

you get what you pay

you get what you pay for.
example #423.
recordable dvd quality |

im wars ending? we can

im wars ending?
we can dare to dream.
google plans to standardize multimedia instant messaging |

behind the green door. ya

behind the green door.
ya feel me? thanks, jake.
the chappelle theory |
the chappelle theory exposed |

hot. hot. hot. 2005 year-end

hot. hot.
2005 year-end google zeitgeist |