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this thing on?

damn you internets! thanks, emmett.

internet failure hits two continents |

who blocks it?

i blocks it.

everyblock chicago: a news feed for your block |

jerry o’connell is funny.

yep. i didn’t know either. parody video Tom Cruise WANTS you to see! on FunnyOrDie.comthe cruise indoctrination video scientology tried to suppress |

hbo broadband


hbo putting shows online, at no additional charge |

do you?

rob & big |


one of the best characters on tv. an old article, but you can’t ever talk enough about how great ‘the wire’ is.

the role of her life –

mi barrio.

a rough way to start 2008.

the split personality of logan square |


the botch.


chicago’s public transport – off track |


i have to say, i don’t believe le rocket.

odds, and history, don’t bode well for clemens’ denials |