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Neil Young on Music Quality, Record Labels and Steve Jobs

you got to love neil.


woo hoo! xbox360 – 1. ps3 – 0.

netflix to distribute films on microsoft xbox 360 |


drudge loves obama.

drudge keeps campaigns guessing |

hbo broadband


hbo putting shows online, at no additional charge |

tivo gets music bug.

more to love.
for a fee.
tivo adding music to lineup |

free again.

time to bookmark the times again.
times to stop charging for parts of its web site |

howard stern factor?

deal killer?
why sirius is still doomed |

are you siriusxm?

i have xm so i hope they don’t f me on this.

faq: serious challenges for sirius-xm merger | cnet

clark kent or jimmy olsen.

the next wave of journalism. maybe.
yahoo wants free reporting |


in my humble opinion, on the media is the best radio show/podcast going today. if you don’t already listen to it, check it out.
on the media: obamapalooza |


viacom comes to an understanding with youtube. let’s see how long it lasts.

youtube’s comedy compromise |

redefining beauty.

very cool clip.

vid: dove evolution |

dvd jon strikes again.

norwegians do it better.
jon johansen hacks fairplay, the apple itunes closed system |

top 10 censored stories.

worth checking out.

stories the nation’s mainstream news media ignored, neglected or missed last year |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet

just the facts.

i really dig getting ‘the week.’
the economist effect: not all news media are dumbing it down |

new media.

some good points here.
oldthink vs. newthink: spelling out the media shift |


what a beeatch.

olbermann smacks coulter |

read between the lines.

the elfman runs it down.

did media miss real colbert story? |

the fog of satire.

now they bring it up.

after press dinner, the blogosphere is alive with the sound of colbert chatter |


the colbert blackout |

pronounced – coal bear.

my man colbert has the spotlight on him big time.

60 minutes: the colbert report |


ignoring colbert, part two |
vid: colbert at white house correspondents’ dinner |