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Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more

Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more | Seattle Times Newspaper

The lineup includes Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, HBO Go, Bravo, Crackle, Syfy, TMZ, UFC and The Today Show in the U.S. In the U.K., partners include BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Lovefilm. In Spain, it’s Antena 3, RTVE and Telefonica, and in Mexico it’s Televisa.
It’s not free TV, though. You have to already subscribe to the services, so the deal basically expands the Xbox’s capability as a streaming content adapter for the TV.


is dave chappelle plotting a comeback?

He even stated that if he could give one bit of advice to anyone it would be "Don't quit your show!" Dave seems to be "in training," both literally and figuratively, for a comeback.



on frontline.

obama’s war |


on frontline.
frontline – boogie man: the lee atwater story |

free tv.

now open to the public.

hands-on with hulu |
watch your favorites. anytime. anywhere. |

dave’s back!

maybe this will be the edge he needs to finally recapture the number one slot for late night.

letterman, ferguson returning to tv |


on frontline.

frontline: season premiere: cheney’s law |

who needs appletv?

when you can run this?
mac peeps only.
download of the day: tvshows (mac) |

y2k revisited.

fun stuff.
don’t fear the dtv reaper |

tv mash up.

pretty cool idea.

nbc remixes ‘the office’; reruns become ‘newpeats’ |

tivo alert.

must tivo ‘late show with david letterman‘ tonight.
dave’s 25 years of bringing the funny |
download dave’s 25th anniversary timeline |

bbc on demand.

very cool concept.

bbc trust provisionally approves on-demand tv |

colbert report rules all the land.

colbert was also tapped by salon as the sexiest man alive.
‘truthiness’ and ‘wikiality’ named top television buzzwords |


on frontline.
frontline: living old |


interesting article.

hbo’s digital strategy? |


what a loss.

60 minutes’ ed bradley dead at 65, veteran cbs news correspondent succumbs to leukemia |


viacom comes to an understanding with youtube. let’s see how long it lasts.

youtube’s comedy compromise |

redefining beauty.

very cool clip.

vid: dove evolution |


on frontline.
the enemy within |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet

colbert nation.

he’s proving sarcasm can go a long way.

stephen colbert has america by the ballots |


on frontline.
return of the taliban |

free cable!

that’s right. i said it.

cable tv for free on your computer |

tivo alert.

the office returns tonight.

the office: season premiere |
french and german remakes of the bbc’s office |