for those in the know. ya know.


you’re not recording this are you?

no. never. never.

pogue’s posts: how secure is your wi-fi connection? |

private eyes.

they’re watching you.

new rules make companies track e-mails, im |

who dat?

me likes anonymity.

free anonymising browser debuts |

we’re all sheep.

with our online security.

look at all of these passwords! |

aol sucks.

say goodbye to anonymity.

a face is exposed for aol searcher no. 4417749 |
aol’s disturbing glimpse into users’ lives | cnet

paradise lost?

the kids love the

pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites |

onecare (less).

$50? for people who have no idea around their computer, that seems like a bargain.
microsoft officially launches paid security product |


not the greatest pub for ohio university.

university server in hackers’ hands for a year | cnet

shred everything.

and then burn it.

what could a boarding pass tell an identity fraudster about you? way too much |