for those in the know. ya know.


Acclaimed Apple critic made up the details

a big fat liar.

An acclaimed Apple critic made up the details | Marketplace from American Public Media

The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings

there are a few gems here, in particular the “vibration patterns” feature.
The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings | Ted Landau’s User Friendly View | The Mac Observer

when it all changed.

crazy it was only a year ago.

ipod deal rocked tv’s world |

that’s totally (not) random.

i knew it!

how random is the ipod’s shuffle? |

refurb it up.

the apple store give the same warranty on refurbs as they do with new products. ding.
great prices on refurbished ipods |

the amazing race.

can microsoft win?

apple and microsoft race to launch wireless ipod |