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y2k revisited.

fun stuff.
don’t fear the dtv reaper |

free audio books.

i downloaded a couple, including ‘the art of war’ by sun tzu.

get 11 free |


america will never agree on what is and what isn’t pr0n.

net-porn ban faces another legal setback | cnet



searching for mr. right now |

album of the year.

let’s hope.

tsunami, timbaland help shape bjork’s forthcoming volta |

txt for free.

i do love to txt message.

5 ways to sms for free |

tv mash up.

pretty cool idea.

nbc remixes ‘the office’; reruns become ‘newpeats’ |

storytelling 101.

when’s that damn showtime show starting anyway?

ira glass: tips on storytelling |

who needs apple tv?

if you already have a tivo.
tivo goes live with amazon unbox partnership | cnet

role reversal.

what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

vermont towns seek to impeach bush |

howard stern factor?

deal killer?
why sirius is still doomed |