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is dave chappelle plotting a comeback?

He even stated that if he could give one bit of advice to anyone it would be "Don't quit your show!" Dave seems to be "in training," both literally and figuratively, for a comeback.


trick it out.

i pretty much use the tivo branded app for my iphone, but these look fun too.
teach your iphone five cool tivo tricks |

mobile tivo!

that’s hot.
tivo mobile launched |


while the support for youtube is sweet, i love the one click closed captioning option.
tivo summer update (9.4) trickles out |

behind the peanut.

an exposé.

the tivo remote’s untold past, present and future |

critical appeal.


tivo service will deliver selections of tv critic |

going. going. gone.

act quick.

tivo temporarily reinstates $400 lifetime subscription for series3, hd |


the mothership has landed.

tivo series3 hd external storage arrives! |

tivo gets music bug.

more to love.
for a fee.
tivo adding music to lineup |

series 3 alert!

tivo to go and multi-room viewing are coming soon!

ttg & mrv coming in november for series3 & tivohd |

tivo lite.


tivo to debut a lower-priced hd dvr |

one stop shopping.

me likey.

tivo, amazon to sell movies straight to tv sets |

1tb tivo!

i must do this to my series3 asap!

how-to: use your tivo series3 esata port to add an external drive |

who needs apple tv?

if you already have a tivo.
tivo goes live with amazon unbox partnership | cnet


that’s hot.

tivo, amazon offer video downloads that can be viewed on tv sets |

tivo alert.

must tivo ‘late show with david letterman‘ tonight.
dave’s 25 years of bringing the funny |
download dave’s 25th anniversary timeline |

kiss cable goodbye?

i’m not convinced.

the comcast cancer: is web 2.0 the cure? |
is apple out to kill tivo? |


when can i get my hands on this?

ces video: tivo demonstrates on comcast dvr |

tivo + mac = joy!

woo hoo!

tivotogo on your mac |


tivo, you know i love ya, but seriously, stop f’n your customers!

tivo raises rates, limits wpa to own wifi adaptor |


dig it.

tino: the word for when you don’t watch what you tivo |

question of the day.

if you upgrade to hd, you’ll downgrade tivo’s features.
who killed tivotogo? |

series 3 is plasma deficient.

glad i got the old fashioned tube tv (in hd 🙂 still kicking.

tivo series 3 + plasma tv = big problems |

tivo alert.

the office returns tonight.

the office: season premiere |
french and german remakes of the bbc’s office |