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september 11.

some good points here.

newsweek: debunking the myth of al qaeda |

35 and under.

damn i’m frickin’ old.

some veterans appear ageless at world cup |


or patriots?
if you aren’t a salon subscriber, watch the ad to get access. do it!
the 9/11 deniers |

stuck on step 1.

very interesting read. check it out.

the new publishing model (or, "on rafat, om, federated media, adbrite, and blogads.") |


betamax. betamax. betamax.
is microsoft about to release a windows "kill switch"? |


what a bummer. at least i’ll get to see them one more time at lollapalooza.
sleater-kinney announce ‘indefinite hiatus,’ thank fans for ‘passion and loyalty’ |

it’s a living.

i rarely contribute.

how much money do beggars make? |

pay attention chicago.

free always seems to attract.

what if they built an urban wireless network and hardly anyone used it? |

that’s hot.

very interesting read.

anti-war slogan coined, repurposed and googlewashed… in 42 days |

hack the world cup.

this is gold.
stream any world cup soccer game from espn360 |

can you feel it?

act fast, these videos won’t last on youtube long.

100 awesome music videos |

flaming lips or common?

these are the choices i must make.

lollapalooza 2006 festival schedule |

tap it up.

no more 900 numbers for me.

at&t rewrites rules: your data isn’t yours |


scary stuff.

‘data broker’ reveals id theft secrets |

pay to play.

$24.95 to streamline what you can do for free if you are willing to work at it.

tivo desktop 2.3 plus |

bring back ellen feiss.

i somewhat agree with this.
<a title="Apple's mean-spirited ad campaign.
By Seth Stevenson” href=””>apple’s mean-spirited ad campaign |

americans love top 10’s.

d.a.r.e. to think outside the box.

the top 10 things i know about drugs |

talk about what you know.

keep in mind, he is from georgia.

lynn westmoreland on the colbert report |

hands off.

it’s funny that christina aguilera is one of the ‘untouchables.’

growing wikipedia revises its ‘anyone can edit’ policy |


$9.99 would be nice. $7.99 would be better.
apple bringing movies to itunes? |

crystal ball.

i like the term "googlism."
social networks poised to shape net’s future | cnet

do the math.

buying an actual cd vs. buying it from itunes.

weird al yankovic says digital is a raw deal for some artists |


who’d a thought?

fema funds spent on divorce, sex change |


professor, what’s another name for pirate treasure?

the pornographers vs. the pirates |