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september 11.

some good points here.

newsweek: debunking the myth of al qaeda |

35 and under.

damn i’m frickin’ old.

some veterans appear ageless at world cup |


or patriots?
if you aren’t a salon subscriber, watch the ad to get access. do it!
the 9/11 deniers |

stuck on step 1.

very interesting read. check it out.

the new publishing model (or, "on rafat, om, federated media, adbrite, and blogads.") |


betamax. betamax. betamax.
is microsoft about to release a windows "kill switch"? |


what a bummer. at least i’ll get to see them one more time at lollapalooza.
sleater-kinney announce ‘indefinite hiatus,’ thank fans for ‘passion and loyalty’ |

it’s a living.

i rarely contribute.

how much money do beggars make? |