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track changes. interesting. rewriting history

track changes.
rewriting history under the dome |

ding dong. inevitable. apple expands

ding dong.
apple expands itunes podcast service |

damn. he got knocked the

he got knocked the f out.
live on ‘oprah,’ a memoirist is kicked out of the book club |

on demand. 60 minutes style.

on demand.
60 minutes style.
vid: cyber athlete ‘fatal1ty’ |

bypass it up. hate getting

bypass it up.
hate getting routed through automated phone menus? of course you do. try this link. thanks, kevin.
ivr cheat sheet |

want to get dirty? come

want to get dirty?
come to the windy city.
50 cleanest (dirtiest) cities in america |

23 days and counting. january

23 days and counting.
january is passing by quickly, so make sure to get a few of these done over the next year.
new year’s personal privacy resolutions |