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nuttin’ but a g thang.

rappers love to retire.
dr. dre, mix marathon man |

no drm.


like amazon’s drm-free music downloads? thank apple

learn spanish.

or french. or german. etc.

hooked on mnemonics: a new way to conquer foreign languages? |

free again.

time to bookmark the times again.
times to stop charging for parts of its web site |

series 3 alert!

tivo to go and multi-room viewing are coming soon!

ttg & mrv coming in november for series3 & tivohd |

ole ole ole ole.

usa. usa. look for me in section 104.

soccer: u.s. vs. brazil preview |


trademark pending.

apple cuts iphone price and revamps ipods |

radical honesty.

a.j. jacobs is funny.  thanks, kevin!
i think you’re fat |

you go girl.

she’s only 17, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. good for her.
girl power |