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flipflop. worth a quick watch.

worth a quick watch. | video: uncovered – weapons of mass destruction?

what the f. happened to

what the f.
happened to those things? | 2 say they found 9/11 ‘black boxes’

friday fun. boy do i

friday fun.
boy do i need it. thanks, xtine. | 2004’s scariest halloween costumes

love story. opposites do attract.

love story.
opposites do attract. | how i learned to love larry

forget wifeswap. this is my

forget wifeswap.
this is my kind of swapping. | fewer pledge to swap votes

toon time. nothing like two

toon time.
nothing like two ferrets in a box to improve one’s day. thanks, kara. | leave it to bush!

iwantone. the question is…will i

the question is…will i buy one? thanks, scott. | ipod photo; u2 ipod special edition

world premiere. pretty powerful song

world premiere.
pretty powerful song and video. check it out. thanks, jake. the salon link requires a subscription, so if you aren’t a salon subscriber, all ya gotta do is watch a brief ad and get a free day pass. | eminem’s anti-bush anthem
et | video: eminem’s mosh


tonight. on frontline. |

on frontline. | frontline: rumsfeld’s war

fun with c-span. it’s not

fun with c-span.
it’s not just for old people who have no lives. | video: jon stewart talks about the presidential candidates and the media

my new phone? maybe this

my new phone?
maybe this will be the push i need.
cnet | palmone unveils latest treo

chart it up. cool way

chart it up.
cool way to look at it. | 21 rationales for war

i’m a uniter. not a

i’m a uniter.
not a divider. hilarious spoof on bushie. | video: lie girls…call 212-875-7000

move over gibby. there’s a

move over gibby.
there’s a new sheriff in town. | schilling’s sutures limping into lore

the late shift. is a

the late shift.
is a great movie about this whole melodrama. | letterman-leno battle escalates into war

season one it up. if

season one it up.
if you like 24, angel, buffy, the simpsons, futurama, mash, etc., check this link out. | select fox tv dvd sets up to 75% off

head to head. interesting read.

head to head.
interesting read. | windows v linux security: the real facts

make a mental note. to

make a mental note.
to tivo this. | cable nets slate fox v. franken

extra extra. not only does

extra extra.
not only does canada make quality drugs, they also make quality documentaries. check this one out. | cbc’s airs an unauthorized biography of dick cheney

fanaticism. is never good.

is never good. | ouch ouch ouch

toon in tokyo. beep. beep.

toon in tokyo.
beep. beep. beep. | ‘toon porn’ pushes erotic envelope online

q & a. tivo tivo

q & a.
tivo tivo tivo. | the engadget interview: mike ramsay, ceo of tivo

tko. j stew kicks some

j stew kicks some crossfire ass. | short films: jon stewart’s brutal exchange with cnn host
et | choose or loose: jon stewart bitchslaps cnn’s ‘crossfire’ show

hail to the chief. pretty

hail to the chief.
pretty interesting look at the past 50+ years of campaign commercials. thanks, paul. | the living room candidate