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sro. the boys at lancewaxer

the boys at lancewaxer were just playing with our vintage betamax the other day. if you know what i’m saying. | camping out for the grokster case

ballpark it. seriously. cnet

ballpark it.
cnet | should optical discs last forever?

put up your dukes! dems

put up your dukes!
dems fightin’ words. | make a fight with googlefight

the battle of the century.

the battle of the century.
will be broadcast. | spectrum wars

kick ass. i’m goin.

kick ass.
i’m goin. | lollapalooza music fest is chicago bound

against the current. welcome to

against the current.
welcome to my life. | tivo’s ripple effect: water-cooler chill

tivo buddy lists? it’s not

tivo buddy lists?
it’s not that far away. this is a long, but tres interesting read. | social software for set-top boxes

tweak it up. if you

tweak it up.
if you dare.
cnet | firefox add-on lets surfers tweak sites, but is it safe?

al franken is a. big

al franken is a.
big fat fall guy. | hbo movie shows radio ‘air america’ chaos’

coming to america. the bbc

coming to america.
the bbc version rocks, but we’ll have to see how this one shakes out. | ‘the office’ transfers to a new cubicle

who hasn’t done it? exactly.

who hasn’t done it?
exactly. | rock’s oldest joke: yelling ‘freebird!’ in a crowded theater

who’s zooming who? we at

who’s zooming who?
we at lancewaxer will always love jewel and her two friends. | why britney spears hates hdtv!

fonts, bitches. that’s right, i

fonts, bitches.
that’s right, i said it. | the next big thing in online type

it’s official. wolfowitz = the

it’s official.
wolfowitz = the devil. | bush to pick wolfowitz for world bank

a true hollywood story. sonystyle.

a true hollywood story.
sonystyle. | i, cringely: mr. idei’s kurosawa ending

hallelujah. ding ding ding.

ding ding ding. | tivo to make customized version for comcast

e-mail 101. learn it. know

e-mail 101.
learn it. know it. live it. | tips for mastering e-mail overload

alphabet soup. edit the url

alphabet soup.
edit the url with your site. | spell with flickr

$$$ and sense. the board

$$$ and sense.
the board of directors at lancewaxer is currently discussing its next move on this issue. | google’s adsense a bonanza for some web sites

dynamic duo. what’s $350 mill?

dynamic duo.
what’s $350 mill? this link requires a subscription, so if you aren’t a salon subscriber, all ya gotta do is watch a brief ad and get a free day pass. | save tivo!

once upon a time. gather

once upon a time.
gather round kiddies, this is quite a read. | how infospace took its investors for a ride

wi-fi it up. great idea,

wi-fi it up.
great idea, probably won’t happen anytime soon. | city council to examine wireless access today

oh wiki. you’re so fine.

oh wiki.
you’re so fine. you’re so fine, you blow my mind. hey wiki. | wiki becomes a way of life

who’s harry crumb? er, robert

who’s harry crumb?
er, robert crumb. | when i was four, i knew i was weird