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sro. the boys at lancewaxer

the boys at lancewaxer were just playing with our vintage betamax the other day. if you know what i’m saying. | camping out for the grokster case

ballpark it. seriously. cnet

ballpark it.
cnet | should optical discs last forever?

put up your dukes! dems

put up your dukes!
dems fightin’ words. | make a fight with googlefight

the battle of the century.

the battle of the century.
will be broadcast. | spectrum wars

kick ass. i’m goin.

kick ass.
i’m goin. | lollapalooza music fest is chicago bound

against the current. welcome to

against the current.
welcome to my life. | tivo’s ripple effect: water-cooler chill

tivo buddy lists? it’s not

tivo buddy lists?
it’s not that far away. this is a long, but tres interesting read. | social software for set-top boxes