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redefining beauty.

very cool clip.

vid: dove evolution |


dig it.

tino: the word for when you don’t watch what you tivo |

the ‘good enough’ manifesto.

i’m going to try to read through this over the weekend.

getting real |


where’s robin hood when you need him?

a look at the numbers: how the rich get richer |

dvd jon strikes again.

norwegians do it better.
jon johansen hacks fairplay, the apple itunes closed system |

pirate’s booty.

you have to love the swedes.

the pirate bay response to electronic arts |

olbermann strikes again.

watch the vid or read the transcript.

death of habeas corpus: “your words are lies, sir.” |

retro google.

when it wasn’t about the ads/money.

google results without the annoying affiliate links |

obama love.

goes national. again.
time has obama covered |

your new favorite show.

i’ve loved my ‘this american life’ audible subscription for the past 4 years.
your ears will thank you |

blue light special.

clean up on aisle 10.

expert offers quirky tips to make your child smarter |

free phone calls?

if you are dialing internationally, you best read this.

free international calls! just dial … iowa |

top 10 censored stories.

worth checking out.

stories the nation’s mainstream news media ignored, neglected or missed last year |

sign of the times.

sad times indeed.
jobless man asks judge for jail time |

bill of (one) right.

what a nosedive this country has taken with bush in office.

olbermann on the murder of habeus corpus |

writings on the wall.

i can’t write for sh*t these days.

cursive writing becomes passé |

just do it.

this is some good motivation.

what happens to your body if you stop smoking right now? |


on frontline.
the enemy within |

when it all changed.

crazy it was only a year ago.

ipod deal rocked tv’s world |

what’s next?

i have to start a f’n company so i can make billions. of course, i’d probably gamble it all away or my next door neighbor would shoot me cause i wouldn’t fund their hair brained scheme of world domination. i need a drink.
youtube 2.0 |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet

colbert nation.

he’s proving sarcasm can go a long way.

stephen colbert has america by the ballots |


drm is an f’d issue. and it’s not getting any better anytime soon.

their crime: playing itunes on devices not named ipod |

10 frickin’ people.

have my name. allegedly.

299,939,842 people in the u.s., how many have your name?|