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Flingo Apps Land on TiVo


Flingo Apps Land on TiVo | Gadget Lab |

OnLive Desktop Plus Puts Windows 7 on the iPad in Blazing Speed

State of the Art |

The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings

there are a few gems here, in particular the “vibration patterns” feature.
The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings | Ted Landau’s User Friendly View | The Mac Observer

lionel messi – boy genius.

He is 23, with a grown-up’s income reported to exceed $43 million this year. Yet Messi still has a boy’s floppy bangs, a boy’s slight build and a boy’s nickname, the Flea. Even the ball stays on his feet like a shy child clinging to his father’s legs.


he’s back.

and he can’t be stopped.

play helen off keyboard cat. and then join daryl and john |


one of the best characters on tv. an old article, but you can’t ever talk enough about how great ‘the wire’ is.

the role of her life –

defcon 3.

climate warming is a b*tch.

fueling our future |