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fraud. an interesting, depressing read.

an interesting, depressing read. | i, cringely: phish or phisher?

confess. it does a body

it does a body good. | bless me, blog, for i’ve sinned

the artist formerly known as.

the artist formerly known as.
demf. | fuse-in charges on

music under the stars. ding.

music under the stars.
ding. | one hot summer

brainstorming. pretty interesting read. newscientist

pretty interesting read.
newscientist .com | 11 steps to a better brain

in a galaxy. oh screw

in a galaxy.
oh screw it. | podcasting star wars: winer vs. curry

how to. we at lancewaxer

how to.
we at lancewaxer strive for anonymity. | secrets of the a-list bloggers: lots of short entries