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are you a deadbeat? or

are you a deadbeat?
or a revolver? if you have no idea what i’m talking about, then you need to watch this week’s frontline. | ‘frontline’ files an eye-opening credit report
et | frontline: secret history of the credit card

bad boys. whatcha gonna do.

bad boys.
whatcha gonna do. | pistons v. pacers: brawl to end it all

warning. our current way of

our current way of life will self destruct in……… | over a barrel

glorious noise. if you don’t

glorious noise.
if you don’t have plans tonight, this sounds like your hookup. holla. thanks, jake. | quasar wut-wut record release party tonight

all i want for xmas.

all i want for xmas.
is an lcd. | dream tv screen, now in size large

secret santa. there is no

secret santa.
there is no better gift. | web specials

victory bush. i hate jay

victory bush.
i hate jay leno, but this video is funny. thanks, hitmaker. | video: bush wins

remember kozmo? if this is

remember kozmo?
if this is what it takes to keep tivo running strong, then i’m for it. | tivo to add banner ads to service when fast forwarding

private eyes. they’re watching you.

private eyes.
they’re watching you. | a chicago surveillance camera mapping project

clash of the titans. silicon

clash of the titans.
silicon valley style.
cnet | gates vs. jobs: the rematch

typing tutor. who needs mavis

typing tutor.
who needs mavis beacon. | the english-to-12-year-old-aoler translator

in search of. number one.

in search of.
number one. | search wars – which is the best?

lucky 7. jackpot. |

lucky 7.
jackpot. | betting on tools that power blogs

r.i.p. i’m gonna have to

i’m gonna have to pour out a lil liquor tonight for my homie. | rapper o.d.b. collapses, dies in studio

fahrenheit 9/11½. coming soon.

fahrenheit 9/11½.
coming soon. | get ready for more moore

sneak preview. time to take

sneak preview.
time to take this sucker out for a test drive. | msn search

select-play-select. 3-0-select. cnet |

cnet | tivo hacks flourish

microsearch. too little, too late?

too little, too late? | at last, a microsoft search tool

that was a valued customer.

that was a valued customer.
or not. | analyzing customers, best buy decides not all are welcome

congrats. the browser of choice

the browser of choice here at lancewaxer goes 1.0.
cnet | fired up about firefox 1.0

if you are a computer

if you are a computer geek.
you probably want this. | whatever you want it to be

uh-oh. this doesn’t sound good.

this doesn’t sound good. | comcast deal gives microsoft entry into cable tv

tonight. on frontline. |

on frontline. | frontline: the persuaders

note to self. that’s got

note to self.
that’s got to hurt. | tara’s major boob