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free ice cream. mmm. java

free ice cream.
mmm. java chip.
starbucks ice cream social |

web 2.0. coming to a

web 2.0.
coming to a monitor near you.
web content by and for the masses |

that’s not me. i swear.

that’s not me.
i swear.
newsweek: grand theft identity |

shilling for dollars. who’s in?

shilling for dollars.
who’s in?
for a fee, some blogs boost firms |

view from above. a must

view from above.
a must have.
google earth: a 3d interface to the planet |

nc-17. pretty funny story. a

pretty funny story.
a joke too blue to repeat, and the movie that dares to tell it, repeatedly |

stb. seriously. the big fish

the big fish |