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all day i dream about jenna.

ummm. i mean sports.
adidas – adicolor – white |

just sit tight.

it’s scary that the people you look to for help, rarely know what’s best.
city releases tapes of 911 calls from sept. 11 attack |

typepad upgrade.

all of us at lancewaxer are diggin’ the typepad environment.
typepad is launching blog widgets |

are you a true pimp?

then you need this. thanks, jason.

start-up nation.

millionaires, part deux.
newsweek: the new wisdom of the web – next frontiers |

two point what?

interesting read.
web 2.0: the internet “boom” doesn’t live up to it’s name |


total bummer.
unfortunate development for “arrested” |

conspiracy lovers.

will get a kick out of reading this.
the ground zero grassy knoll – a new generation of conspiracy theorists are at work on the secret history of 9/11 |


what do you use your dell for?

no summer break for dunder mifflin.

woo hoo!
‘the office’ to continue online this summer |

the windy city.

it’s my kind of town.
a success story |
audio: author interview |

bubble towns.

if you own a place, this is worth a look.
going up, down and sideways: top 30 cities to watch |

lollapalooza 2006.

kanye on the park!

chili peppers, kanye, wilco lead lollapalooza lineup |

the buccaneer.

the pirate bay: here to stay? |

top 100 news blogs. just missed the cut.
cnet’s blog 100 | cnet

wikipedia 1.0?

very interesting read.
anonymous source is not the same as open source |

internet made the television star.

if you want to be on ‘tv’, you have no more excuses. thanks, joe.
as internet tv aims at niche audiences, the slivercast is born |

show me the money.

interesting read.
oscar-winning ‘crash’ producer is flat broke |


tivo’s lifetime service plan dies | cnet

atm fraud alert.

thieves. they never stop.
pins no obstacle for debit card thieves |


we changed the font on lancewaxer recently. did you notice?
the logos of web 2.0 |

free ebooks.

we do love free.
the cd and dvd project – project gutenberg |

roid rage.

who doesn’t hate this dude?
book details bonds’ steroid regimen |


jon stewart: in for ‘show-business a — kicking’ |