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things done changed.

can’t they find one goddamn killer? i mean seriously.

lapd back on b.i.g. beat |

hack the world.

i hate flying southwest.

changing a southwest boarding pass |

the simple things in life.

what to eat isn’t one of them.

is there anything left that we can eat? |

booze and cigs.

when are we going to smarten up?

drug classification rethink urged |

friday fun.

feel the love.

america we stand as one |

stars and stripes.

interesting tidbit about betsey ross.

wikipedia celebrates 750 years of american independence |


ricky kicks ass.

ricky gervais explains the bible |

that’s support for ya.

what a country.

rally for lebanon |


the new rat pack?

jb, vince, et all.

retrosexuals: hollywood’s new leading men |


hilarious stuff.

be an expert on anything |

hottest chick ever.

oooooooh keeley.
the page 3 girl. nsfw
keeley: i was a bad girl |


peep the keeley vid | the


if you know what i’m talking about, read on.

the coolest small company in america |


flash v. substance. discuss.

in the race with google, it’s consistency vs. ‘wow’ |

no clue.

on my last couple flights, i’ve had to be ‘cleared’ for takeoff. what the f?

marshals: innocent people placed on ‘watch list’ to meet quota |

weed talk.

the stuff they don’t teach ya in school.

the marijuana conspiracy – the real reason hemp is illegal |

a rooftop oasis.

so f’n cool.

a porch and flowering meadow, 6 floors up |

hack the world.

very cool.

new feature: link within a video |


learn it. know it. live it.

how to lose the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ from your speech |


is the loneliest number.

what is the 1% rule? |

debtor nation.

japan and china are creeping up the chart, no make that britain and canada?
pie chart of who owns the debt, and bar chart of who’s been buying it |

mind over matter.

i love fooling myself.

18 tricks to teach your body |

netflix anonymous.

i’m so guilty of this.

newsweek: a netflix hangover |

muy gordo.

tres interesante.

why we’re fatter – five reasons you haven’t thought of |

it’s all in the numbers.

wal-mart smartens up.

will new wal-mart policy help catch more drunken drivers? |