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case study.

i went to go download it the first night, but the site was too slow and i gave up.
radiohead experiment rocks music industry |


i’ve never quite understood why these places are considered legit, when they are essentially promoting ticket scalping.

pats get ticket sellers’ names |


the mothership has landed.

tivo series3 hd external storage arrives! |

who shreds?

stsanders does.

stsanders’ hilarious youtube parodies ‘shred’ guitar gods |

bones brigade.

such a cool idea!

logan square skate park under highway may skip ‘nimby’ problem’ |


the new features in ichat and photo booth seem real cool.

mac os x leopard features |


on frontline.

frontline: season premiere: cheney’s law |

tivo gets music bug.

more to love.
for a fee.
tivo adding music to lineup |

free? word.

i’ll probably end up getting the box set anyway.

radiohead to give away new album |