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president obama.

i can’t wait till we have this man in the white house.

remarks of senator barack obama on the military commission legislation |

free cable!

that’s right. i said it.

cable tv for free on your computer |

he said. she said.

figure out what your partner wants in le bedroom.

sex secrets revealed |

f*cked up.

this is one messed up story.

daddy’s girl |

series 3 is plasma deficient.

glad i got the old fashioned tube tv (in hd 🙂 still kicking.

tivo series 3 + plasma tv = big problems |

in defense of president clinton.

ko tells it like it is.

president bush: are yours the actions of a true american? |

got two ipods?

or if you live in a house with only one computer and lots of peeps, this might be of use.
multiple libraries in itunes 7 |

tivo alert.

the office returns tonight.

the office: season premiere |
french and german remakes of the bbc’s office |

that’s totally (not) random.

i knew it!

how random is the ipod’s shuffle? |

who dat?

me likes anonymity.

free anonymising browser debuts |

breakin’ 2.

electric hezbollah.

hezbollah cracked the code |

i hate my scale.

anyone who is trying to lose weight should read this.

exercise = weight loss, except when it doesn’t |

it’s the interface stupid!

this guy’s review of ‘cover flow’ is spot on.

new ui showdown: apple vs. tivo |

honesty is the best policy.

i’d fly this airline.

welcome aboard |

refurb it up.

the apple store give the same warranty on refurbs as they do with new products. ding.
great prices on refurbished ipods |


designed by the user.

printing money |


$799 is pricey, but i’ll probably grab one soon.

tivo releases hd dvr | cnet


ding. ding.

will wikipedia mean the end of traditional encyclopedias? |

5 years.

interesting point of view.

think again: 9/11 |

ummmmm k.

mike judge gets screwed by fox.

sharp, funny view of a stupid future |


not that this suprises anyone.

quickest patch ever |


the mpaa are a bunch of bitches.
this story is not yet rated |

human contact.

i have to try this out.

a new way to bypass automated response systems |

list it up.

i have quite a few of these bookmarked already. pc mag got nothing on me.

pc magazine’s top 99 undiscovered web sites |