for those in the know. ya know.


the day niagara falls ran dry

newly discovered photos show the moment iconic waterfall came to standstilll |


tom skilling ain’t got nothing on me.

how valid are t.v. weather forecasts? |

very cool.

mind over body wins out again.

‘iceman’ continues to baffle doctors |


to rethink your position.
study finds no cancer-marijuana connection |

drink tap water.

i couldn’t agree more.

buying bottled water is wrong |



ecstasy, the new prescription drug? |

i’m pretty.

i promise.

beauty is in the eye of your friends |

tell me why.


why knuckles crack and joints creak |

building stonehenge.

kick ass video of how it might have been accomplished.

wally wallington: this man can move anything |

get your zzzzz’s.

i average about 6 hours a night.

40 amazing facts about sleep |

do i smell pumpkin?

or are you just happy to see me?

various aromas found to enhance male sexual response |

blue light special.

clean up on aisle 10.

expert offers quirky tips to make your child smarter |

just do it.

this is some good motivation.

what happens to your body if you stop smoking right now? |


to rethink our position.
newsweek: europe just says maybe |
marijuana’s key ingredient might fight alzheimer’s |

mind over matter.

i love fooling myself.

18 tricks to teach your body |

sleep is overrated.

so get the f up.
from a to zzzzz |

more weed talk.

could the fda have missed something? never.

reefer madness |

weed kills.

you know that’s what they really wanted to say.
f.d.a. dismisses medical benefit from marijuana |


can’t help.
‘sleeping on it’ best for complex decisions |

thats just not write.

i could use a grammar refresher.
good grammar in all of us |

no ice please.

fountain drinks are suspicious enough.
fast-food ice dirtier than toilet water |