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top f ups.

on a related note, amanda congdon’s friends have never looked better.

the top 21 tech screwups of 2006 |

bowie and bing!

how many people remember this one?
thanks, schrammy!

bowie meets bing |

milhouse: the handicapper.

go cowboys!

nfl picks from the simpsons: milhouse & dad pick week 15 |

tell me why.


why knuckles crack and joints creak |


bells. best. beer. ever.

bye-bye bell’s: how illinois beer distribution laws, fiercely protected by a powerful industry, drove away one of chicago’s favorite small brewers |

going to hell.

when one company makes this much money, they must be doing something that screws over the rest of society.

huge profit at goldman brings big bonuses |

video bookmarking.

very very cool.

pluck, tag and save the good stuff from youtube videos |

amanda congdon returns.

all things amanda |


daily show and colbert are now on ifilm.

viacom sibs share ‘show’  |

building stonehenge.

kick ass video of how it might have been accomplished.

wally wallington: this man can move anything |

blockbuster offer.


holiday gift of blockbuster total access to netflix subscribers |

love your cell phone?

the government does too.

court says fbi can use your cell phone to spy on you |

tivo + mac = joy!

woo hoo!

tivotogo on your mac |

goodbye 40 hour work week.

i wish my company embraced this concept.

best buy smashes the clock |

do you know?

yeah. me neither.

can you tell a sunni from a shiite? |

clark kent or jimmy olsen.

the next wave of journalism. maybe.
yahoo wants free reporting |

better google searches.

here’s how.
ten tips for smarter google searches |

private eyes.

they’re watching you.

new rules make companies track e-mails, im |