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land of the scam.

people. they’re the worst.

id theft made easy |

sign of the apocalypse.

it’s confirmed. the world is ending.
paris hilton plans reggae, hip hop album |

friday fun.

i love when bushie practices his ‘love’ on the english language.

bushisms |

born to run.

pretty cool idea. too bad running sucks ass.

apple does shoes: will apple start making perfume next? |

go pistons!

time to beat up on shaq-fu.

the matchup everyone expected becomes a reality |

mark your calendar.

go usa!

all the match details for world cup 2006 in germany |

sleep is overrated.

so get the f up.
from a to zzzzz |


not the greatest pub for ohio university.

university server in hackers’ hands for a year | cnet

game 7.

we need you to take this one over chauncey.
pistons sure hope home is sweet for game 7 |



witness this.

we can’t lose to lebron. go pistons!

pistons dead serious as elimination looms |

tsk tsk.

honestly, i went through hazing in college, and i lived.
on the web, college athletes acting badly |

do you rss?

if the answer is yes, this link is for you.
filter rss feeds with feed rinse |

le botch.

yet again, vista gets hammered in the news.

security feature in microsoft’s new windows could drive users nuts |

xm + riaa = shiate.

stupid. stupid. stupid.

record labels sue xm satellite over device |


i bought a macbook pro and i’m loving it.
introducing macbook |

project google.

very interesting read.
fuzzy maths |

t-minus 6 days.

i might even go opening night.
<a title="Have you seen The Da Vinci Code?
By Kim Masters” href=””>have you seen the da vinci code? |


kick ass.
ipod directions : use your ipod video, nano or photo as a yahoo! maps directions viewer! |

future is so bright(cove).

go tivo!

tivo links with brightcove as pc-tv lines blur | cnet

take ben stein’s money.

the former nixon speech writer has a point.
you’re rich? terrific. now pay up |

more suv’s please.

get married. have kids. buy an suv. repeat.

the gas price fix congress won’t touch |

read between the lines.

the elfman runs it down.

did media miss real colbert story? |

just say no.

to bootlegging.

hauling in the hollywood hackers |