for those in the know. ya know.



i hate to see my home state doing so badly.  thanks, kevin!

detroit’s woes augur ill for us |


i’ve never quite understood why these places are considered legit, when they are essentially promoting ticket scalping.

pats get ticket sellers’ names |

no scratch.

america is one f’d up country.

lawmakers find $21 a week doesn’t buy a lot of groceries |

pure evil.

i hate wal-mart.

how wal-mart’s tv prices crushed rivals |

pay up sucka.

death and taxes. without fail.
selling stuff online? here comes the irs | cnet

one trillion dollars.

think about that.

who’s counting: how iraq trillion could have been spent |

we’re not gonna take it.

no, we ain’t gonna take it.

customer sends bailiffs in to seize bank’s computers |