for those in the know. ya know.



i hate to see my home state doing so badly.  thanks, kevin!

detroit’s woes augur ill for us |


i’ve never quite understood why these places are considered legit, when they are essentially promoting ticket scalping.

pats get ticket sellers’ names |

no scratch.

america is one f’d up country.

lawmakers find $21 a week doesn’t buy a lot of groceries |

pure evil.

i hate wal-mart.

how wal-mart’s tv prices crushed rivals |

pay up sucka.

death and taxes. without fail.
selling stuff online? here comes the irs | cnet

one trillion dollars.

think about that.

who’s counting: how iraq trillion could have been spent |

we’re not gonna take it.

no, we ain’t gonna take it.

customer sends bailiffs in to seize bank’s computers |

pay up sucka.

credit card trivia.

50 fun facts about credit cards |

going to hell.

when one company makes this much money, they must be doing something that screws over the rest of society.

huge profit at goldman brings big bonuses |


where’s robin hood when you need him?

a look at the numbers: how the rich get richer |

debtor nation.

japan and china are creeping up the chart, no make that britain and canada?
pie chart of who owns the debt, and bar chart of who’s been buying it |

it’s all in the numbers.

wal-mart smartens up.

will new wal-mart policy help catch more drunken drivers? |

take ben stein’s money.

the former nixon speech writer has a point.
you’re rich? terrific. now pay up |

the irs can be your friend.

if you know the rules.
the ultimate tax shelter: owning your own business |

handy gas price map.

thankfully, i don’t have a car.

usa national gas temperature map |

bubble towns.

if you own a place, this is worth a look.
going up, down and sideways: top 30 cities to watch |