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celtic pride.

the big ticket + jesus shuttleworth + the truth = championship?
sources: celtics, wolves agree to garnett megadeal |


mom, i don’t feel so well.

chew on it: all you can eat at dodger stadium |

tivo lite.


tivo to debut a lower-priced hd dvr |

on the cheap.

time to break out the library card.

steal this book? don’t bother | cnet

i’m troy mcclure.

you may remember me from such self-help tapes as “smoke yourself thin” and “get some confidence, stupid!”
101 greatest simpsons quotes |

say cheese.


where’s the slr-style compact camera? | cnet

fight night.

intellectually speaking.

web 2.0 debate: keen vs. weinberger |

1000 words.

is that really what a picture is worth?
thanks, joe.
errol morris: liar, liar, pants on fire |

one stop shopping.

me likey.

tivo, amazon to sell movies straight to tv sets |

just say no.

to bottled water.

bottled water is still a scam |


very cool idea.

t-mobile hotspot @home |

flint’s finest.

seriously, dude still needs to do something with that hair.

michael moore: showman, satirist, journalist, provocateur |

reality check.

i guess i need to buy some disinfecting wipes.

10 things your grocery store doesn’t want you to know |