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Food and Drink

36 Hours in Chicago.

logan square makes the list!

36 hours in chicago |

your mom is so fat.

how fat is she?

portion size, then and now |

reality check.

i guess i need to buy some disinfecting wipes.

10 things your grocery store doesn’t want you to know |


bells. best. beer. ever.

bye-bye bell’s: how illinois beer distribution laws, fiercely protected by a powerful industry, drove away one of chicago’s favorite small brewers |

who’da thought?

i’m going to check out the chocolate bar one.

genius junk food |

i could gopher.

now listing chicago shizz.
late night food and more |

the simple things in life.

what to eat isn’t one of them.

is there anything left that we can eat? |


if you know what i’m talking about, read on.

the coolest small company in america |

are you a fatist?

worse, are you a fat fatist?
junk-food jihad |
common genetic link to obesity is discovered |

i blame all you sushi lovers.

and you know who you are.
sushi and rev. moon |