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eat out tonight. and help

eat out tonight.
and help people living with aids. | chicago’s participating restaurants

how to. build a better

how to.
build a better dvr. if you have hours upon hours of free time. | build a better dvr out of an old pc

poddie training. can be fun.

poddie training.
can be fun.
cnet | stage two of the podcasting revolution

i thought. we were winning

i thought.
we were winning the war on terror? right, g-dub? thanks, jason. | us ‘conceals high terror figures’

i’d buy that. for a

i’d buy that.
for a dollar. | coming soon? mp3 and satellite radio

tick tock. not a chance

tick tock.
not a chance this goes as planned. | the end of analog tv

yeah. fun with soundboards. also,

fun with soundboards. also, the third season of chappelle’s show premieres may 31. woo hoo. | chappelle’s show soundboard

believe it. or not. thanks,

believe it.
or not. thanks, joe. | watching tv makes you smarter

free ice cream cake! yummy.

free ice cream cake!
yummy. | world’s largest ice cream cake social

woe is mitch. oh, how

woe is mitch.
oh, how the mighty have fallen. | stained by permanent ink

fun with tivo. i need

fun with tivo.
i need more time to play.
cnet | tivo looks for an edge

free music. yet another reason

free music.
yet another reason all of us at lancewaxer dig | free music downloads: top downloads

it’s a go. ding dong.

it’s a go.
ding dong. my ticket has been purchased. | july 23-24 : chicago : grant park

fun with tivo wishlists. i

fun with tivo wishlists.
i might have to do this the next time i’m bored. | tivo wishlist roulette: war

ding dong. this is sounding

ding dong.
this is sounding better and better. | liz phair, weezer, pixies on reinvented lollapalooza bill

fun with audio. nothing like

fun with audio.
nothing like a few wavs to get ya through the day. | top 50 movie sounds sites

when is enough? enough?

when is enough?
enough? | google feature logs users’ histories

the twentieth hijacker. pretty interesting

the twentieth hijacker.
pretty interesting read. thanks, joe. | the grounded man

if you are fat. you

if you are fat.
you still need to lose weight. me included. put down that fudge stripe. | dangers of being overweight overstated

stone in love. my man

stone in love.
my man jake loves the feiss. | ellen feiss unreleased powerbook g4 ad

could it be? the boys

could it be?
the boys at lancewaxer love to speculate.
cnet | search giants court tivo

parental advisory. explicit content. sorta

parental advisory.
explicit content. sorta nsfw. | the number of f**** in deadwood

vernors baby. if you are

vernors baby.
if you are from michigan, you know what i’m talking about. | what kind of american english do you speak?

darkness! enjoy yourself. |

enjoy yourself. | rick james has a bitch of a time running for city council