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wag the dog. and you

wag the dog.
and you thought this happens only in a movie. thanks, amber. | july surprise?

bush unfiltered. so so needed

bush unfiltered.
so so needed after this long ass week. | will ferrell – a message from white house west

gonzo journalism. coming to a

gonzo journalism.
coming to a tv near you. | how p2p home video will challenge the network news

press any key. where is

press any key.
where is the any key?
cnet | survey: tech support time costly

intro to obama. this is

intro to obama.
this is a bit dated, but it’s a good primer on barack. | the candidate

down the hatch. natch.

down the hatch.
natch. | does hatch have ipod, tivo, google and legos in his sights?

cheney needs a time out.

cheney needs a time out.
in so so so many ways. | young speaker steals delegates’ hearts

the sisters bush. me likey.

the sisters bush.
me likey. | jenna and barbara bush – the party girls reconsidered

tivo for dummies. class is

tivo for dummies.
class is in session. | tivo, pvrs, and other things tv

transcript. get it while it’s

get it while it’s hot. | michael moore/o’reilly showdown at dnc convention

lookout. google news just got

google news just got some competition. | msnbc newsbot

treo beware? maybe. |

treo beware?
maybe. | hewlett-packard unveils new pdas

the master key. i had

the master key.
i had one of those in college for a quarter. nothing like having access to every buidling on campus.
cnet | realnetworks breaks apple’s hold on ipod

mythology 101. ya knew this

mythology 101.
ya knew this had to be crap. the salon link requires a subscription, so if you aren’t a salon subscriber, all ya gotta do is watch a brief ad and get a free day pass. | the hysterical skies
y | urban legend: terror in the skies

server error. surfing the net

server error.
surfing the net sucks without google.
cnet | google, other engines hit by worm variant

dnc. not to be confused

not to be confused with snc. | prostitutes join police converging on boston
und | clinton in spotlight at mass. convention

inevitable. only a matter of

only a matter of time. thanks niffy. | tivo’s plans lead to fight on copyrights

every little bit. counts.

every little bit.
counts. | ‘fahrenheit 9/11’ making gop nervous

rewind. pretty interesting (but geeky)

pretty interesting (but geeky) read. | unix’s founding fathers

fair question? i’ve wondered about

fair question?
i’ve wondered about this one myself. | who would bin laden vote for?

probe it up. halliburton =

probe it up.
halliburton = devil. | halliburton probed over iran ties

gotta love. free shiite.

gotta love.
free shiite. | open source photoshop alternatives

shut it. up. |

shut it.
up. | outfoxed: o’reilly being o’reilly

click this. beeatch. cnet

click this.
cnet | exposing click fraud