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OnLive Desktop Plus Puts Windows 7 on the iPad in Blazing Speed

State of the Art |

Neil Young on Music Quality, Record Labels and Steve Jobs

you got to love neil.

Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more

Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more | Seattle Times Newspaper

The lineup includes Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, HBO Go, Bravo, Crackle, Syfy, TMZ, UFC and The Today Show in the U.S. In the U.K., partners include BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Lovefilm. In Spain, it’s Antena 3, RTVE and Telefonica, and in Mexico it’s Televisa.
It’s not free TV, though. You have to already subscribe to the services, so the deal basically expands the Xbox’s capability as a streaming content adapter for the TV.


no one does it better.

than kottke.
the best links of 2008 |

i love me some siren.

jason fried breaks it down. 37signals style.
why the drudge report is one of the best designed sites on the web |

this thing on?

damn you internets! thanks, emmett.

internet failure hits two continents |


it’s harmless.

consumers ok with illegal movie downloads |

out with the old.

in with the new.

your hard drive is now obsolete – ces 2007 |

top f ups.

on a related note, amanda congdon’s friends have never looked better.

the top 21 tech screwups of 2006 |

better google searches.

here’s how.
ten tips for smarter google searches |

let the best of the web lists commence.

people love lists.

best of the web 2006 |

my best friends return.

i loves me some amanda.

vlogger signs with abc, hbo |


unadulterated pleasure.

google to buy youtube for $1.65 billion | cnet

breakin’ 2.

electric hezbollah.

hezbollah cracked the code |

human contact.

i have to try this out.

a new way to bypass automated response systems |

dare to dream.

kevin rose is a cool dude.
accidental tech entrepreneurs turn their hobbies into livelihoods |

12 words.

we love jakob nielsen.
if this column were a web site, this would be its home page |

why you can’t get that .com address.

we love godaddy!
the add/drop scheme |

online storage wars.

i’m gonna go with the small company.

microsoft live drive may launch before gdrive |

the online storage gang |

say cheese.

i was just thinking about this issue the other day.
camera-phone danger |

the buccaneer.

the pirate bay: here to stay? |

wikipedia 1.0?

very interesting read.
anonymous source is not the same as open source |

atm fraud alert.

thieves. they never stop.
pins no obstacle for debit card thieves |


we changed the font on lancewaxer recently. did you notice?
the logos of web 2.0 |