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dave’s back!

maybe this will be the edge he needs to finally recapture the number one slot for late night.

letterman, ferguson returning to tv |


pretty interesting read.

fair use vs. free speech in the internet age: the lane hartwell problem |


i prefer #2.
‘don’t tase me, bro!’ is year’s top quote – year in review |

old hag.

aka our next president.

rush to judgment |

what if?

i’ve always wondered the same thing.
‘andy roddick beat me with a frying pan’ |

there it is.

yet another sign of the apocalypse.

merriam-webster’s word of ’07: ‘w00t’ |


poor lacy underall.

‘caddyshack’ actress’ golf fundraiser spawns lawsuit |

picasa killer?

i just tried this out, and it’s pretty cool.

edit your photos! on flickr! |

bell’s back in chicago?

not exactly.

interview: larry bell, bell’s brewery |