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personalize it. interesting. tivo to

personalize it.
tivo to develop tv advertising search service |

sex? yes please. is sex

yes please.
is sex necessary? |

pre-configure it up. great idea.

pre-configure it up.
great idea.
time to allow hard drives pre loaded with music – and change harry fox |

told ya. you knew it

told ya.
you knew it had to happen. jessica, i’m still single.
jessica simpson and nick lachey split |

crying like a beatch. nbc,

crying like a beatch.
nbc, grow the f up.
tivo handheld device software draws ire at tv network |

tonight. on frontline. frontline: the

on frontline.
frontline: the storm |

ding. dong. tivo to bring

tivo to bring tv programming to video ipod and psp |

uma. oprah. oprah, dave: together

oprah, dave: together again |

the waltons. goodnight microsoft. i,

the waltons.
goodnight microsoft.
i, cringely: google-mart |

you digg? i digg it.

you digg?
i digg it.
digg just might bury slashdot |
digg gets kiss from a rose |

where the girls aren’t at.

where the girls aren’t at.
podcast alley. thanks, kevin.
women warm the podcast bench |

lap it up. pretty cool.

lap it up.
pretty cool. thanks, mike.
mit researchers unveil a $100 laptop they hope will benefit children worldwide |

on demand. with a twist.

on demand.
with a twist.
enjoy a free advance screening with broadband |

did we say? that we

did we say?
that we love sarah? and not just for her bombs.
sarah silverman won’t shut up |

tin cup salute. all of

tin cup salute.
all of us at lancewaxer love this american life.
lights! camera! ira? |

giving it back. great idea.

giving it back.
great idea.
he made his money on a whim, but now he’s got a serious idea |

hug it out. beatch. treehugger

hug it out.
treehugger holiday gift guide |

call me weird. but i

call me weird.
but i still like her. that includes her new album.
liz phair shrugs off continued criticism, says her songs more honest than ever |

generically speaking. tivo is still

generically speaking.
tivo is still king. thanks, niffy.
study: tivo losing ground to generics | cnet

the botch. crazy how this

the botch.
crazy how this thing has spiraled out of control.
sony numbers add up to trouble |

where do we go from

where do we go from here?
i’ve loved watching nightline for years. i wonder if i’ll feel the same post koppel.
can anyone fill koppel’s shoes? |

suck town. er sac town.

suck town.
er sac town.
kings fined by league for anti-detroit imagery |

deeeeeee-troit. basketball. pistons can dominate

pistons can dominate on both sides of the ball |

eh? an old fashioned miracle

an old fashioned miracle on ice.
can comcast really use hockey to take on espn? |