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youtube takes over the world.

with the help of myspace.

a grand unified theory of youtube and myspace |

more weed talk.

could the fda have missed something? never.

reefer madness |

daily kos-ette.

23 years old, and she’s a political force.

who is georgia10? |

chloe sevigny rocks chicago.

ok, maybe it’s her brother rocking chicago. thanks, niffy.

the eyes have it for sevigny |

dare to dream.

that j mac kid is cool. click the link if you want to see the vid again.

magic johnson to produce j-mac movie |

hawtin slated for demf.

looks like i’ll be in detroit that weekend.
movement 06, may 27-29, 2006 |

cta widget.

fun with yahoo widgets.

cta alerts widget |