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backlash. wikipedia is sure taking

wikipedia is sure taking some hits lately.
web 2.0 cracks start to show |

take a trip. down memory

take a trip.
down memory lane.
cassette jam ’05 |

impeach bush. ding dong. ‘scooter’

impeach bush.
ding dong.
‘scooter’ libby indicted in cia leak case, resigns |

sox win! sox win! world

sox win!
sox win!
world champs: white sox go from cursed to first |

the drug of a nation.

the drug of a nation.
probably the right thing to do at this point.
no porn for you, video ipod! |

if you liked that. you

if you liked that.
you might like this. please note: some of mcsweeney’s sports references are outdated.
mcsweeney’s recommends |

the ten commandments. kinda. sorta.

the ten commandments.
kinda. sorta.
weblog usability: the top ten design mistakes |

jesus is magic. i love

jesus is magic.
i love ms. silverman.
quiet depravity: the demure outrages of a standup comic |

post it. this only takes

post it.
this only takes a min, so do it.
breast cancer awareness |

bid you a fond adu.

bid you a fond adu.
it was a bummer not seeing him play against the fire friday night.
adu’s disenchantment grows |

don’t stop believin’. remixed by

don’t stop believin’.
remixed by the hitmaker. go sox!
don’t stop believin’ (hitmaker vs. journey) |

go sox! southside booooeyy. the

go sox!
southside booooeyy.
the white sox: go ahead, ignore us |

friday fun. all of us

friday fun.
all of us at lancewaxer do not condone listening to the backstreet boys, but this is funny.
vid: i want it that way |

timmay. i need to start

i need to start watching this again.
those boys are back, as timely as ever |

the scoop. go white sox!

the scoop.
go white sox! thanks, tpepp.
the south side rises again |

me likey. i must get

me likey.
i must get one.
an ipod worth keeping an eye on |

the king of crack. nobody

the king of crack.
nobody does it better.
meet the 21-yr-old norwegian who defied hollywood |

where do we go? from

where do we go?
from here?
the road ahead |

tonight. on frontline. frontline: the

on frontline.
frontline: the torture question |

circumvent. the system. thanks, tpepp.

the system. thanks, tpepp.
how to make ringtones |

a.i. a bit scary. meet

a bit scary.
meet the life hackers |

ding. dong. apple unveils video

apple unveils video ipod, new media-friendly imac |
apple gets “desperate” |

lackluster video. who doesn’t hate

lackluster video.
who doesn’t hate blockbuster?
blockbusted! |

that’s f’n interesting. the other

that’s f’n interesting.
the other big lebowski.
the big lebowski – achiever’s edition |