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backlash. wikipedia is sure taking

wikipedia is sure taking some hits lately.
web 2.0 cracks start to show |

take a trip. down memory

take a trip.
down memory lane.
cassette jam ’05 |

impeach bush. ding dong. ‘scooter’

impeach bush.
ding dong.
‘scooter’ libby indicted in cia leak case, resigns |

sox win! sox win! world

sox win!
sox win!
world champs: white sox go from cursed to first |

the drug of a nation.

the drug of a nation.
probably the right thing to do at this point.
no porn for you, video ipod! |

if you liked that. you

if you liked that.
you might like this. please note: some of mcsweeney’s sports references are outdated.
mcsweeney’s recommends |

the ten commandments. kinda. sorta.

the ten commandments.
kinda. sorta.
weblog usability: the top ten design mistakes |