for those in the know. ya know.



what a bummer. at least i’ll get to see them one more time at lollapalooza.
sleater-kinney announce ‘indefinite hiatus,’ thank fans for ‘passion and loyalty’ |

flaming lips or common?

these are the choices i must make.

lollapalooza 2006 festival schedule |

do the math.

buying an actual cd vs. buying it from itunes.

weird al yankovic says digital is a raw deal for some artists |

sign of the apocalypse.

it’s confirmed. the world is ending.
paris hilton plans reggae, hip hop album |

born to run.

pretty cool idea. too bad running sucks ass.

apple does shoes: will apple start making perfume next? |

hawtin slated for demf.

looks like i’ll be in detroit that weekend.
movement 06, may 27-29, 2006 |

impeach the president

the song.

neil young: ‘impeach the president’ lyrics |

we’re getting the band back together.


smashing pumpkins reunion is a go |

rockin’ in the free world.

neil goes for the head.
neil young sets his sights on bush |


chicagoist kicks it with perry farrell. perry, seriously, get jane’s addiction to play at lollapalooza this year. thanks.
interview: perry farrell |


my mom always said, bad stuff happens after midnight.
d12’s proof gunned down |

how long?

is too long?
copyright sings to a different tune |

hot hot hot.

all of us at lancewaxer will be there.
red hot chili peppers agree to play lollapalooza |

ripped off.

once upon a time.

in the black part of town.

the unsolved mystery of the notorious b.i.g. |

coachella who?

sounds like fun.

lollapalooza rock festival to double in size |