for those in the know. ya know.


the 411.

on how "welcome to the jungle" was born.

‘watch you bleed: the saga of guns n’ roses’ |

frickin’ lasers.

thom yorke never looked better.
ra diohea_d / hou se of_c ards |

stream it.

before you buy it.

new album: portishead – third |

it’s bad karma.

true dat.

wilco a sharing kind of band |

the pitch.

that is fork.

jim derogatis: pitchfork founder ryan schreiber talks about branching out to tv |

case study.

i went to go download it the first night, but the site was too slow and i gave up.
radiohead experiment rocks music industry |

tivo gets music bug.

more to love.
for a fee.
tivo adding music to lineup |