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50 greatest hip-hop samples.

a really great read/listen.
kon + amir present: the 50 greatest hip-hop samples of all time |

what up ninja.

hilarious read.

fools' gold: an oral history of the insane clown posse parodies |

just f’n google it.

google it up.

10 simple google search tricks |

six hidden iphone shortcuts

i knew a couple of these.

six hidden iphone shortcuts |

breaking news.

onionstyle. thanks, kevin!
tiger woods announces return to sex |

thumbs up.

a great read. i can't even imagine how i'd be doing if all of this happened to me.
roger ebert: the essential man |

if you ever lose your camera.

you'll hope you already did this.

bring lost cameras home with a digital summoning spell |

ding dong.

you knew they were just hiding the video functionality. damn you apple!
apple approves video recording app for iphone 2G and 3G |

co-op in the square.

and you don't even have to be a member.
dill pickle co-op opens in logan square |

googling your many ailments? don’t.

i'm serious.

googling can mislead people seeking health information |

the worst phone in the world.

it's the iphone – of course. but the 'lil computer part is what keeps us hanging around.

the iphone is the worst phone in the world |

i love amazon.

now more than ever. introduces same-day delivery |


on frontline.

obama’s war |

bing + google = bingle.

definitely going to try this out.
mashing-up google and bing |

be afraid.

be very afraid.

9.12.09 – dc tea party |

buy it.

the return of raekwon | the guardian

the deuce!

this totally rocks!
espn reaches deal to show english premier league games in u.s. |

he’s back.

and he can’t be stopped.

play helen off keyboard cat. and then join daryl and john |

you’re so vain.

you probably think this song is about you.
you have three days to pick your facebook vanity url. choose wisely, or you’re screwed |

in the studio.

can’t wait.

sade at work on first album in nine years |

funny x 100.

i love me some zach galifianakis.

between two ferns |


i’m glad i grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.
stop worrying about your children! |


secretly record your drunk brother playing the rock band. check.

rockband hidden camera |

trick it out.

i pretty much use the tivo branded app for my iphone, but these look fun too.
teach your iphone five cool tivo tricks |