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Flingo Apps Land on TiVo


Flingo Apps Land on TiVo | Gadget Lab |

This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close

taibbi breaks it down.

This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Rich Kids of Instagram Epitomize Everything Wrong with Instagram

spot f’n on.

The Ultimate Collection Of Will Ferrell Reaction GIFs

how can you not click through???

50 Photos Of Christina Hendricks In Honor Of National Cleavage Day

god bless.

Christina Hendricks – National Cleavage Day |

Acclaimed Apple critic made up the details

a big fat liar.

An acclaimed Apple critic made up the details | Marketplace from American Public Media

OnLive Desktop Plus Puts Windows 7 on the iPad in Blazing Speed

State of the Art |

Neil Young on Music Quality, Record Labels and Steve Jobs

you got to love neil.

The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings

there are a few gems here, in particular the “vibration patterns” feature.
The Complete Guide to iOS 5’s New and “Hidden” Settings | Ted Landau’s User Friendly View | The Mac Observer

Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more

Xbox becomes TV hub with Comcast, FiOS, HBO and more | Seattle Times Newspaper

The lineup includes Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, HBO Go, Bravo, Crackle, Syfy, TMZ, UFC and The Today Show in the U.S. In the U.K., partners include BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Lovefilm. In Spain, it’s Antena 3, RTVE and Telefonica, and in Mexico it’s Televisa.
It’s not free TV, though. You have to already subscribe to the services, so the deal basically expands the Xbox’s capability as a streaming content adapter for the TV.


Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Voted ‘Most Beautiful Place’

I miss Michigan.
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Voted Good Morning America’s ‘Most Beautiful Place’ – ABC News

lionel messi – boy genius.

He is 23, with a grown-up’s income reported to exceed $43 million this year. Yet Messi still has a boy’s floppy bangs, a boy’s slight build and a boy’s nickname, the Flea. Even the ball stays on his feet like a shy child clinging to his father’s legs.



love this building.
moroun plans to fix up decaying depot |

is dave chappelle plotting a comeback?

He even stated that if he could give one bit of advice to anyone it would be "Don't quit your show!" Dave seems to be "in training," both literally and figuratively, for a comeback.


eminem to headline lollapalooza??

that would be dope.

eminem could create the next great lollapalooza hip-hop moment |

book it.

i’m in.
lollapalooza chile 2011 lineup |

the real cost of war.

how f’n sad.

more troops lost to suicide |

the day niagara falls ran dry

newly discovered photos show the moment iconic waterfall came to standstilll |


f'n awesome.

national geographic's photography contest 2010 – the big picture |

mad men theme song … with a twist

that's hot.


brian williams' daughter singing along to the mad men theme |


36 Hours in Chicago.

logan square makes the list!

36 hours in chicago |

it’s not going to suck itself.

so great.
what terrible business jargon do you need unsucked? |

inside the carl spackler studio.

dude didn't have a single line written for him in caddyshack.
bill murray on ghostbusters 3, get low, ron howard, and kung fu hustle |

a verizon iphone in january? wait a minute…

please be true.
a verizon iphone in january? wait a minute… |