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Archive for March, 2006

new boob tube.

i visit the site everyday.
newsweek: is youtube the napster of video? |

a cosby sweater.

go andy!
litigation cosby threatens waxy, you see! |

drm = suck.

some good points here.
the big drm mistake |

chappelle out.

sadly. i’m sorta over the show anyway.
chappelle said unhappy with network plans |

series 3?

probably not.
big announcement from tivo coming tomorrow |

terror alert.

more uplifting stuff.
new al qaeda leader planning attack against u.s. |

a tale of two.

my dad loves isiah, but i’ve always liked joe d more. thanks, kyle.
thomas, dumars going different ways … again |

feel good story.

for the ages. if you can, check out the accompanying video (must use ie). thanks, nicholas.
autistic teen’s hoop dreams come true |

torrent talk.

interesting read.
a bit of bittorrent bother |

smoking e-mail.

why don’t the major media outlets cover this stuff? thanks, joe.
details emerge in latest plame e-mails |